Beatrixpark 2010

The Beatrixpark is a little park just south of us.

swan family

On the way into the park we saw a family of swans on their way to a Sunday outing.

swan family

Closer look at the second group.


We found a dock to set up the tripod, but someone else was there first... he let me get a few pictures before he finally got tired of us and flew away.


If you've ever heard the phrase mean old coot and wondered what it was about, this is the answer. This is a mama coot (meerkoet in Dutch) with her three little ones, who are already practicing their crabbiness.

red dragonfly

I think this is a Sympetrum sanguineum, bloedrode heidelibel or ruddy darter, but it could be any of the other half-dozen red dragonflies which live here. Only the males are red, the females are brown with red-brown tails.

water strider

One of the great things about macro photography is that you can take pictures of things that you can't see in real life. This is part of a random picture of the surface of the pond. Not only was the water strider in the picture, but also hundreds of these tiny yellow bugs (there are at least 5 in this clip). I think they may be just-hatched water strider nymphs, but I don't know.

dragonfly nymph

This picture contains what I think is the shed skin of a dragonfly nymph.

little pink flowers

Finally learning to use the aperture control on my camera. Changing the aperture from 2.8 to 5.0 allows the entire flower to be in focus.

green needlefly

A lovely metallic green needlefly. I'm not sure what kind this one is.

green needlefly silhoutte

Same needlefly, this time in silhouette.

purple flowers with plantains

More experimenting with depth of field. Here the flower is the focus, but the plantains (wheat-looking things in the background) are just enough in focus to give a sense of scale. The two photos below are of the same flower, but up even closer.

purple flowers macro purple flowers macro
bees on blue ball

There is an actual flower garden at the Beatrixpark too, and it seems there's always one species that the bees are obsessed with. This time it's these blue compound flowers.

bumblebee on blue ball

A close look at one of the bumblebees.

blue ball macro

A blue bud in macro.

bees white columns

The bees also liked these white flowers.

white columns

Looking at the base of a flower cluster. I particularly like the weird twisty leaves.

bees white columns

Another bee

orange center echinacia

There's something hypnotic about the centers of echinacias.

bee echinacia

The bees agree.

echinacia echinacia

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