A few odd photos from Dec 09

1000 year old egg

On Saturdays, we usually get up a bit late and don't get moving too quickly. Sometimes this means that Eric forgets to eat breakfast. Sometimes this means that we come home with really weird things from the store. In this case it is a 1000 year old egg. No, they aren't really 1000 years old, they are a few months old and more-or-less pickled. Most of them don't have these groovy snowflake patterns on them, though!


'Tis the season to be draconic...

cookie farm

It's a sweet day at the farm.


All things vicious and creepy, all dressed up for the holiday.


The traditional christmas amoeba.

the whole table

And the broad perspective.


Look! Snow! The first really good snow since 2005.


Fun with macro: fresh snowflakes.

snow family waits for the tram

The snow family waits for the tram. Eric and I made these while we were waiting. The other people at the tram stop kept looking at us like they were concerned it was contagious.

snow cobra

Snow cobra

snow duck

Eric's snow duck.

b. snowii

Someone else had made a little snowman on the corner, so I decided to surround him with life-sized snow boletes. It was about 10:30 at night by now (and even darker when I left the house in the morning) so this is the best picture I got.

white fungus

These are little guys that I put in our flower pot. Well, this is the pot I call Darwin's Gardens. The weeds won, so I decided to just roll with it and see what happened.

dragon shag

Another view of the same.

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