Paris: December 2009

Erotic Art Museum

group shag

This might be old. Certainly the idea has been around for a while.


Perhaps inspired by women sitting in a circle with their pestles? Note that the figures are female and the bits are not in the right place to be theirs.

ancestor shag

There were a group of images with skeletons. This one is a copy of a Peruvian original, apparently indicating that the dead man was guilty of an excess of sex. Others suggested that the figures represented impregnation by ancestors, perhaps a sensible hypothesis if you don't know about recessive genes.

Precious shag

Perhaps an ancestor of Precious Moments?

nursing shag

A scene that must have occured millions of times in human history: having a shag while nursing the baby. Today this would not be okay. The label just says Pre-Columbian Art: 500BC-500AD, Esmerelda, Equator. Maybe they mean Ecuador.

7 asian guys shag

Seven Asian guys.

ostrich shag

A 19th century Malaysian ostrich egg. Presumably painted.

greek shag

Erotic red-figure pottery from ancient Greece occupies a little corner of most archaeological museums, often with this almost-cartoonish look to them. This one is a replica.

ganesh shag

A very unusual representation of Ganesh! This is from Nepal in the early 1900's.

art shag

I like this piece. It's not exactly erotic, but it is definitely art.

Balinese shag

This piece has a distinctly Balinese look to it.

Aztec shag

The label for this piece has no year, it simply says, Taken from homosexuality among Aztecs. The Aztec civilization was conquored by the Spanish in the 1500's, but the culture was not entirely obliterated. Perhaps this piece is old, perhaps it isn't.

penis pendants

Penis pendants.

dragon shag

This piece is almost certainly Balinese. Perhaps Balinese maiden-eating dragons are okay.

Matryoshka shag

These Matryoshka dolls have a surprise...

wall shag

The top 3 floors were dedicated to modern erotic art, mostly 3 temporary displays. This was the best piece from that bunch.

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